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Updated: Dec 24, 2021

When I was brought on to lead the Communications Team for US Youth Climate Strike, along with the wonderful Neha Desaraju, we had our work cut out for us. The organization lacked a distinct brand, and the web infrastructure was relatively weak. It was important for us to have a strong web presence in order to capture the attention and imagination of high school and college students who were interested in organizing with us. Therefore, Neha and I worked together to create a distinct brand for the organization.

One of the things I was tasked with revamping was the web infrastructure. I set out to make a host of different web tools that the organization could benefit from. The first item on my list was to create the main website that would have the organization's Mission Statement, Theory of Change, and ways for people to get involved in the fight for climate justice. Below are some examples of pages included in the main website.

For the actual construction of the website, I opted for WordPress, because of its customization options and its vast integrations. I built the theme from scratch, using a combination of custom code and an addon specifically designed for WordPress called Elementor. Both ways of building the custom theme proved useful in the long-term upkeep and maintenance of this website.

Home Page

You can view an example of the live webpage by clicking here!

This is the home page of the website. It is meant to captivate a potential organizer and show off the organization's accomplishments/power. In addition to these things, the home page also included some calls to action. Below are some more screenshots displaying these features.

Volunteer Page

In addition to the home page, I am also going to show you the volunteer page. This is where potential organizers could go to get involved in the movement.

Below is a screenshot of the webpage itself, but you can view an example of the live webpage by clicking here!

Livestream Schedule Page

When Covid first hit, we had to figure out a way to pivot our massive in-person Earth Week plans, into ones that could be done online, in the comfort and safety of one's home. Our answer: live streams. We partnered with Hovercast, which hosted all the live streams for the Bernie 2020 presidential campaign. We opted to stream through Twitch, although the Hovercast platform provided many options, including multi-channel streaming. If you'd like to learn more about our streaming platform and how I designed it, click here!

Live streams were a great way to engage the public and fellow organizers with skilled activists from around the world. US Youth Climate Strike held a series of webinars and live streams focused on environmental justice. In addition to the schedule and live streaming platform, I also crafted many of the social media graphics for these live streams.

You can view an example of the live webpage by clicking here!

And that's basically it for the main website! Feel free to check out my other digital organizing projects or reach out if you have any questions or just want to talk :)

In solidarity,

Nico Gleason

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